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  • Another 2 episodes done for Let’s Talk

    I thought I’d finish on recovery programmes for now and concentrate on the stage show,  but I have realised I still have a lot to say on various topics surrounding gay and bi men and those who identify as gay and bi men. I have TWO more episodes in the bag and up and ready, […]

  • Where am I going from here?

    As I mentioned in my previous posts on Facebook and Twitter, for now, the Let’s Talk series is on pause. The reason behind this is that I now need YOUR help. I would like health care professionals who deal with mental health to come on the podcast as well as those who deal with drug […]

  • My name… as it causes confusion!

    Believe it or not, I wasn’t given the name Tee Jay at the point of my birth. I changed my name by deed poll, something that is very easy to do in the UK (approx £35ish), the hard part is to notify HMRC, DWP, your GP, bank, employers and of course letting all your family, […]

  • Well the hard part is done!

    I have now just finished the first draft of the stage play based on the podcast. Just got to go through it and work out back projections and where it needs stage direction and/or mime. I am also in the process of setting up a theatre production company, so that funding for the show, profits […]

  • An update on stuff.

    As people have probably realised, I mass produce my content – it’s easier to do them in blocks of four, then use the fortnightly routine as it helps bring in new subscribers/followers etc. As I have mentions MANY times, I am writing my stage play, and am learning to sing! If Dr Ranj Singh can […]

  • Context surrounding last podcast/video

    For starters – I have ZERO issues with people identifying as none binary or trans. The issue I have is when it becomes a TREND on the World Wide Web by teenage girls, i.e 13-16. This is a BIG difference. 10 years ago there were videos of teenage girls flipping between pronouns on a daily […]

  • A PSA on TikTok Tourettes

    This is my response to the TikTok phenomena regarding Tourette Syndrome – I was quiet 10 years ago – 10 years later, I’m seeing the same pattern emerge – this time I’m not. I am reading from a script – as this is my way of working, so I don’t tic during a recording. If […]

  • So where do the trans people fit in all this?

    OK, this is going to be divisive. But I think it needs to be put out there. Bit of background for those that haven’t listened to my podcasts yet. My brother is trans. He came out to our family roughly 9-10 years ago. I have been to quite a few of his appointments. I went […]

  • The stage show and other things

    Firstly I am going to talk about the elephant in the room – and that is my first podcasting series… although it has all the information  I wanted in it, it lacked a proofreader, this is VERY apparent in the opening disclaimer! I have the skills of editing sound and writing my own scripts – […]

  • A New Podcast series!

    On Friday, June 4th, I am starting a new podcast series called ‘Let’s Talk…’. The first four episodes are as follows: Let’s talk about my mental health – I will be going through all the mental health issues I have had over the years, and how they impact me, either socially or privately and on […]

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