A 90's Teenager

aka Tee Jay

Context surrounding last podcast/video

For starters – I have ZERO issues with people identifying as none binary or trans.

The issue I have is when it becomes a TREND on the World Wide Web by teenage girls, i.e 13-16. This is a BIG difference. 10 years ago there were videos of teenage girls flipping between pronouns on a daily basis. Funnily enough, I now cannot find said videos as most likely the creator has taken them down. Partly because these girls have grown out of it, or they have settled down with either being none binary with they/them pronouns (again  – I HAVE NO ISSUE) or they have transitioned to male, or worse – de-transitioned.

Most trans/none-binary people aren’t activists, they want to live a quiet life, and have equal rights. This should be applauded, and this should be the ONLY thing we should be doing in the LGBT+ community.

As someone who has worked on the internet and World Wide Web since 1997, the 1000+ genders and the various different pronouns (Ze/hir, Xe/xem, Hy/hym, Co/cos) looks like a web forum that’s got out of control because no-one was moderating it. Although thinking about it bisexual does sound as if you like males/females 50/50 – yet I can state I have never seen that in real life, it’s more a 70/30 or 20/80 split, and I can see the ‘need’ for a different word, so yes, pansexual I can go with.

What I am saying here – is that we need a proper discussion AND let’s do some PROPER scientific research! We KNOW that trans people’s brains are different to their birth gender, we have done MRI scans to prove this. A female trapped in a males body does indeed show that their brain is female. We also know that most men historically transition to female if they have gender dysphoria. That’s NOT saying women cannot have gender dysphoria – it’s just going to be a smaller percentage.

A decade ago we saw the explosion of teenage girls identifying a different gender, as with TikTok and Tourette Syndrome today. I have spoken to my female friends, all of different ages, and explaining to me what happens during puberty. Hormones all over the place, BIG changes happening to the body, not to mention that as a society we have OVER SEXUALISED breasts and historically girls would sort these issues between themselves at school. Anorexia and Bulimia were the trending teenage girl mental health issues of the ’90s from what I remember.

We now have the World Wide Web, where we can self diagnose ANY condition – Dr Google is there ready, and no waiting for a specialist is needed. We also have social media, and if you have an inkling of what is happening to you,  you can end up in a negative feedback loop. To give an example – I was on YouTube and was looking for International Space Station Live feeds, feeds showing the Earth, all reasonable. On the right-hand side, YouTube was recommending ISS fake videos, 30 minutes later was watching these with interest to see how people can get caught up in this. Next thing I knew I was watching Flat Earth theory videos! All social media sites have an algorithm to keep you on their platform. It’s how they keep you there, and to show you adverts, so that they can keep their service up and running.

So, the algorithms of these sites are made to keep you on the platforms, on top of that you have teenage girls who are wondering what the hell is happening to their bodies, this then gives you a negative feedback loop – and a self-diagnosis and a community that you crave for because you don’t fit in in real life, we have teenage girls that are vulnerable, and as I mentioned before the Woke Agenda/Religion is preying on these teenage girls and converting them.

The problem is the YouTube’s, the Facebooks etc – aren’t accountable for this, as they allow 13-year-olds on their sites – as this seems to be an age where it’s OK to in the US – if these were started in the UK – I’m pretty sure the age limit wouldn’t have been that low.

This is my issue – teenage girls are being sucked into trends by social media. It’s as simple as that – and with their body changes, and lack of critical thinking and not being able to use these platforms responsibly they can find themselves further down the line with other issues – such as being over 20, and de-transitioning. Not to mention being sucked into an agenda that the majority of people don’t agree with.

This part of the web needs regulation and accountability – it has screwed up TOO MANY TIMES ALREADY – whether that’s politics, fake news or medical trends in teenage girls.

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