A 90's Teenager

aka Tee Jay

Where am I going from here?

As I mentioned in my previous posts on Facebook and Twitter, for now, the Let’s Talk series is on pause. The reason behind this is that I now need YOUR help. I would like health care professionals who deal with mental health to come on the podcast as well as those who deal with drug counselling.

I would also like if people are brave enough, to come on and talk about their own experiences I have touched on to come and tell me their stories too. We really do need to start making the services realise that they need to help gay and bi men and those who identify as gay and bi men that they need support that relates to them, and not try and do a one-size-fits-all approach because our needs are very different to our straight counterparts – as unfortunately, my story of the last 30 years is not unusual.

For now, for the next couple of months, may I point you to my YouTube channel, as there I will be posting music videos with songs I have chosen for the stage show side of this project. Also on that channel, I will be showing the progress we are making to getting it to the Edinborough Fringe Festival and beyond, as well as giving an inside look at how I am trying to get back onto the gay scene after lockdown.

My original podcast, this website and the stage show will be part of a much bigger brand, as it has come to the point that the project needs to be its own entity. I am not ashamed about having my web hosting and design company on these platforms, but as it’s now a podcast, stage show and much more, it makes sense for it to be one cohesive brand.

So coming soon is ‘Nineties Teen Theatre Productions’  – this will be the website and company that deals with the podcasts and the stage show, this is for both promotional and fundraising reasons. On there I will be posting on how far we have got with the stage show.

Please keep following me for more news. Also thank you to all those that have followed me from day one, and those that have listened to my story since February this year, it is you guys that have helped me keep going over the last few months – especially as we are living in difficult times.

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