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  • More delays, but good reasons.

    My last post was about my 1st cat Tigger, and my second cat Marbles. Unfortunately, Marbles had a stroke and a heart defect and was only given weeks to live. I had the heart-wrenching decision to put her down as the next stroke would be more painful than the last. I will add this is […]

  • Why things have been quiet.

    For those that followed my original podcast, know that last week was/is a bad week for me, as I nearly died 6 years ago due to a GHB overdose. My cat Tigger died of heart failure on the 18th of February, she was a rescue cat from the RSPCA I adopted 14 years ago. She […]

  • About Ed Fringe.

    Whilst researching Edinburgh Fringe, I found that the length of your show really has to be 50 minutes long, with 5 minutes on either side to set up and strike off. Now, those that have listened to the omnibus edition of the original podcast might already know where this is heading… My stage show runs […]

  • The poster for the show!

    I am pleased to announce, that the poster has been produced for the show – before anyone says anything about the spelling mistake – ITS A JOKE!

  • A slight change of direction….

    I haven’t been updating much due to other commitments and the stage show, and it occurred to me last night (NYE 2021) that I can change direction, but only slightly. I have noticed with the podcast, people have come to me and have shared similar experiences, regardless of sex/gender/race, so it feels like I need […]

  • An update before Xmas!

    Ok, the story so far… I now have a Macbook Air and I have started on the readthrough and the assets for the stage show. I have started to put together the back projection/sound effects and backing tracks together, and thanks to Keynote this has made it a breeze, especially now I can Airplay to […]

  • The first readthrough!

    I have just read the play out loud for the first time. I have not listened to the podcasts since their first publishing. As the readthrough was done at home, I purposely went into those rooms where various events happened. To quote from ‘A Chorus Line’, – I felt nothing. As a person in recovery, […]

  • I know I have been super quiet, but…

    It has been super quiet because I lost my voice for a bit, and I have been waiting for the script to come back from my proofreaders. needless to say, both have come back! I have now got the to-do list from The fringe site, so will be working towards that over the next few […]

  • A work in progress…

    For those that have listened to the original podcast From 1991 to 2021 will know that the content is raw, mistakes are in it, not to say that I can’t even tell what age I am in the first podcast, because as I have said before I had lied about my age so much in […]

  • A Bonus two Episodes!

    I have produced two more episodes, firstly I think we need to discuss the elephant in the room. The plain and simple fact is that we have been here before with viruses. The bonus episode goes into the similarities between the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the Covid pandemic. I do go a bit ranty on this […]

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