A 90's Teenager

aka Tee Jay

An update on stuff.

As people have probably realised, I mass produce my content – it’s easier to do them in blocks of four, then use the fortnightly routine as it helps bring in new subscribers/followers etc.

As I have mentions MANY times, I am writing my stage play, and am learning to sing! If Dr Ranj Singh can do it for TV and theatre, then I can do it for YouTube and Edinborough Fringe!

We are almost at studio quality YAY! The first song will be out on YouTube on the 30th of July, and each song that is in my play will be live on a fortnightly basis as before. I will be recording the songs in one block, then whip up my green screen and mime to my own voice – as a drag artist who has mimed to other peoples tracks – this is gonna be WEIRD! Then it’s post-production and then off to YouTube!

I have now got to Act Two of the play! YAY!

This is taking longer than I expected. Partly because I have it in my head that it’s a finished piece – i.e. the podcasts, for those that haven’t heard the original yet please click here: https://fromninetyonetotwentyone.co.uk/podcast/ to listen to it. It is mainly because I have got so blaséd by the material. I have gone over it so many times in writing, recording, editing and listening to it now doesn’t bother me at all. It has truly become a cleansing experience. It just now means I am looking at the year 2000 and it now feels like a therapy session where you have gone over the same thing over and over, you’re thinking, ‘I have other issues to sort out!!!!! – this one now really doesn’t bother me the slightest!’

All I am left with is the mental and neurological conditions – but that is more or less solved now with the right medication – without it, I’d be a quivering wreck!

I am not suggesting that everyone who has issues should write a blog, which then turns into a couple of podcasts series, then turn one of them into a stageplay, it seems that I have used my talents to self counsel myself – and for the most part, it has worked!

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