A 90's Teenager

aka Tee Jay

I know I have been super quiet, but…

It has been super quiet because I lost my voice for a bit, and I have been waiting for the script to come back from my proofreaders. needless to say, both have come back! I have now got the to-do list from The fringe site, so will be working towards that over the next few months, I will be adding some more videos of myself singing, but these will be covers from other shows, just to keep the engagement going.

I now have a director for the show, and we will be intending to do a read through over the next couple of weeks, no doubt we will find there more stuff that needs tweaking! As I have mentioned before many times, nearly everything I have done so far has been a one-person show, whether that’s getting the website up to publish the podcasts or editing the podcasts and videos. I am hoping to get the graphics done for flyers etc too.

I already have an idea of where my preview will be next year for press etc and will keep you all posted when this happens.

Yes, it’s been slow, but unfortunately, things couldn’t move on until I had at least a third draft of the play! Hopefully, my next post will be a bit quicker than this one!

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