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OK, things slower but not stopped

It’s been a year after I last posted, there have been various issues at play. Partly it was down to going on holiday last year for the first time on my own since my Tourette’s diagnosis, (I went to the USA! It was FAB!) so the planning and going took out of that up and because of that, it also killed my cash flow! (oops).

I realise as a solo performer I need to get into gear with YouTube, so this also has been a problem. I have over the last year slowly but surely have been upgrading my setup. 

First off I needed Final Cut Pro, I needed something commercial, I did look at Premier Pro from Adobe, but that was a monthly subscription, at least with Final Cut, it was a one time purchase and I have been getting to grips with it so that I can make my videos look as great as possible. (I can now colour grade my videos – something I wasn’t able to do before!). I also have been purchasing plugins for Final Cut Pro too, so I have much more control in my post production.

I was also using a MacBook Air over the last year, this has been upgraded to a Mac mini (M2 – 2023 model) so I can now edit more smoothly with Final Cut, and when I record my songs, I can now use GarageBand as I now can use my desk microphone again (I ran out of USBs on the MacBook Air!)

Lastly, I have bought a pull down green screen with a lighting source as my previous green screen is just fabric, which has folds and creases over it, so no matter how good the lighting is – its REALLY bad to edit with, not only that, the lights it came with took up half of my living room, which has put me off using it. But this new setup will be semi-permanent AND take up no room at all. The only thing that needs to be setup is the camera and microphone.

We are at the moment wondering whether to create a 50 minute showcase for Edinburgh Festival Fringe next year (I know I know, I said that LAST YEAR!), as I know it will help promote the stageshow, as well as get me the connections I need – AND then start the show after that.

I have said this before – but hopefully now that I have the right equipment things can start to move again!

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