A 90's Teenager

aka Tee Jay

Another 2 episodes done for Let’s Talk

I thought I’d finish on recovery programmes for now and concentrate on the stage show,  but I have realised I still have a lot to say on various topics surrounding gay and bi men and those who identify as gay and bi men.

I have TWO more episodes in the bag and up and ready, which will be going out, side by side with my music videos!

Without giving too much away, one episode goes REALLY well with the music video! It was unintentional! Needless to say, I am enjoying making this content, and I do sincerely hope it helps at least one person. I know full well I am opening myself up far too much in the online world (pun intended), but considering the negative impact some of these subjects have on our community, I do personally feel that someone needs to talk about them. I don’t mind being that person – although it does mean that people WILL judge me regarding my feelings towards sex, which I have no problem with. Go sex-positive me!

As I have mentioned on my Theatre Company’s page, I have found my love of performing and writing again, and I’m wanting to use these skills to better our community, this comes first – if I get back into the entertainment business again after whether that’s a cabaret singer, an actor in rep, whatever… that would be a nice little bonus.

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