A 90's Teenager

aka Tee Jay


This website and series of podcasts is the offshoot of my previous podcast series ‘From 1991 to 2021’.

The idea of the first podcast series was to start conversations surrounding coming out, mental health, drug use and addiction with gay men who have found themselves in similar situations as myself. It was only until recently I found that I have pigeonholed myself with the original idea, and I have zero wriggle room from where the original project stands. ‘From 1991 to 2021’ is quite simply a finished product. I am in the process of writing the stage version of the podcast – but I think that’s only how far that side of the project can go.

There are other issues as well, I cannot advertise the podcast on Facebook ‘as is’ as there are too many issues at play, such as ‘gay sex’, chemsex, and not to mention that the podcast art has a needle and condoms in it, there is no way to sanitise the project for Facebook.

Also, there is the branding aspect  – if I start a new series, such as the new one I have in mind, ‘Let’s talk about….’  – it will mean I will go off-brand.

HOWEVER, as I already have ‘A 90’s Teen’ on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter – the solution was simple. That was to get hold of the domain name and create a website under the ‘A 90’s Teenager’ brand – this means that this website can go in whatever direction the podcasts take under the ‘A 90’s Teenager’ banner.

As I have ‘come out’ – as in you have seen photos of me from 1991 to present day, it now means I can advertise my company AND myself on a website that I have produced – as I have added those links in the footer!