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Things are on the move

Yes, it’s been three months since I have posted anything. Unfortunately, I have been busy trying to close my web hosting company, my accountant went MIA during Covid so I had to find another one, we both had issues getting hold of them, and this has taken up until now for the company to be dissolved.

I didn’t want to do anything with this project until that was sorted out, as Nineties Teen Theatre Productions Ltd is the legal entity for this project and I needed to have the old company up to date and closed down legally and properly before I even look at funding etc. I have already mentioned that Edinborough Fringe isn’t going to happen with this project as the play is too long for it, however looking at the calendar the best solution for this play is to start it during LGBT History Month and take it on tour, with a view to having a charity event at the end of the tour in Pride Month next year so that I can do what I originally intended to do with the project and that is to give donations to the Chemsex clinic I used, an LGBT+ mental health charity and to the sex clinic, I used.

The play has had 9 revisions since I wrote it and is now looking promising I am now just finishing off the back projection that accompanies the show. My director has suggested doing a Q&A with the show too, and as my director is ‘my dear friend’ in all this, you actually will get to ask us stuff regarding the show and ask about our experiences during the time period the play takes place.

The programme cover and posters have already been designed, and I am going to start adding content to that once I have the stage show to a point where we can start rehearsing.

Next week I will have moved my registered office, this means that from next week I can start looking at funding for the show, as the types of venues I am looking at are going to be about £800+ per day, and I am also looking at what kind of merchandise I can sell too – if I can I will be setting up an online merch store so that items can be sold to fund the show too.

My Let’s Talk Series has officially ended, as it didn’t get the traction I was looking for, From 2022 onwards would be very boring, as it’s basically ‘I have found a routine that works, and I like it’ so a none starter really!

So, things are now on the move, and starting next week I am hoping I have more news coming!

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