A 90's Teenager

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Things are a moving!

As I mentioned in the last post I bought a green screen, and lighting… unfortunately after I bought those, I needed some lights to light me! Oh… it didn’t stop there, oh no… fixed the lighting on me, then found I needed Wireless Lavalier Microphones for my iPhone (I am using my iPhone as it records in 4K and there are no fancy shots) so I finally got the video setup sorted.

I then proceeded to record the audio tracks for the YouTube promotional videos – found out GarageBand HATED my USB microphone, so I then looked on Amazon for a new microphone. I then realised I have a Shure SM58 in my flat, OK so great microphone, but the Mac doesn’t come with an XLR connection, so I then found an interface to connect it to – ONLY to find out my desk microphone stand can’t take the microphone holder – so bought that too!

Needless to say, after spending all my money on Amazon I have FINALLY recorded all the audio tracks! (YAY!) These include the songs in the stage show – which is now advertised as a bio-monodrama called ‘The Diary of a Gay Man’ and a few others that may or may not go into that elusive Edinburgh Fringe show.

I have also rebranded ALL the social media platforms, got the banking sorted and have taken the theatre company website offline – as I am going to update it with WordPress, as well as adding all the necessary social media links, and if I get myself into gear – a Go Fund Me page too. 

I had to play about with getting new bank accounts too – but as I’m not trading at the moment – this isn’t an issue!

The next thing on the list is to get the YouTube intros written – and then hopefully in the next couple of weeks – actually get some good looking (and sounding) videos up on YouTube that shows the vision of the stage show.

Told you things were moving! 

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