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A PSA on TikTok Tourettes

This is my response to the TikTok phenomena regarding Tourette Syndrome – I was quiet 10 years ago – 10 years later, I’m seeing the same pattern emerge – this time I’m not. I am reading from a script – as this is my way of working, so I don’t tic during a recording. If you don’t believe I have Tourette Syndrome I will happily show evidence that I have a REAL diagnosis, if I need to.

For those that need a quick history lesson, approx 10 years ago many teen girls were coming out as trans on YouTube, this is when we ‘discovered’ there were 1000 genders and some YouTubers such as Milo Stewart was telling people ‘how to be an activist’ – of course, 10 years ago, we thought it was a trend and it would go away. 10 years later – we now have Gender Identity Politics and Critical Race Theory. This trend has the same hallmarks as that of the trans phenomena 10 years previous and is happening to the same demographic.

We must remember that Gender Dysphoria and Tourette Syndrome are real conditions. Trends on TikTok with people doing ‘The ABC Tourette’s challenge’ and Tourette’s Stacking Cups Challenge’, as well as the ‘Baking with Tourette’s’ all show these girls laughing about their symptoms whether that is a cuss word or a complex arm tic. A tic attack seems to be a right of passage for them. I HATE ticcing, I hate what might come out of my mouth, and I hate the pain that it leaves me – something I don’t see in these girls.

PLEASE DO NOT SAY I DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT – I run a Tourette’s support group, I have seen first hand and experienced first hand a plethora of TS sufferers – these girls don’t fit that demographic  – something else is at play, a mental health illness for sure – Tourette Syndrome – not so sure.

This is the article that I am responding to.


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Here is a link that puts this video into better context. https://a90steenager.co.uk/2021/06/01/context-surrounding-last-podcast-video/

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