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More delays, but good reasons.

My last post was about my 1st cat Tigger, and my second cat Marbles. Unfortunately, Marbles had a stroke and a heart defect and was only given weeks to live. I had the heart-wrenching decision to put her down as the next stroke would be more painful than the last.

I will add this is not the fault of the cattery, it was down to the fact that Marbles’ mother was feral, and because of this 1 in 3 kittens can have genetic defects – unfortunately, this was missed – and the cattery unwittingly rehomed a cat that they thought was healthy. The cattery and I were completely distraught over this, for them as this has never happened in the staff’s lifetime (15+ years) and to me, as I already lost Tigger 2 weeks earlier.

The cattery staff have been absolutely brilliant, I was able to rehome another cat, without going through all the hoops and they would get a second opinion on the cat’s health without me spending more on adoption fees or vets bills. Her name is Holly, and here is a photo of the kitty. (she is now fully insured for any vet bills!)

Also, I went down with Covid for the third time…

Yes, third. My first was the week before lockdown one so I had variant 1.0, the second December 2020, just before vaccine rollout, so that must be the Kent variant, and lastly the Omicron variant last week. The second Covid case I had landed me in casualty in the red section, which I found out was the Covid ward, so that was ermmm…. fun… not!

I am now fully recovered and now have rehomed another cat. 

For those that come from Facebook, the reason why I posted it here, is down to the fact that my Facebook friends were notified of Marbles’ progress over a couple of weeks I had her, so rather than repeat myself, I have taken this course of action.

Like I said before, this was a VERY unusual situation, this should not put people off rehoming rescue cats, as these felines are in need of a forever home more than kittens. By getting a rescue cat, you are giving them a loving home, they are already microchipped, and if they are over 1 year old they should also have a clean bill of health.

Once my throat has cleared up, I will be starting to record some songs for YouTube and make tracks on the podcasts again, and hopefully have some news on the stage play.

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