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A slight change of direction….

I haven’t been updating much due to other commitments and the stage show, and it occurred to me last night (NYE 2021) that I can change direction, but only slightly.

I have noticed with the podcast, people have come to me and have shared similar experiences, regardless of sex/gender/race, so it feels like I need to be more inclusive when it comes to talking about mental health in general. Even though this is a gay man’s perspective growing with sex and drugs around him, some aspects, such as drugs and mental health are universal within our society and my generation has lived through two pandemics – YIKES – that’s gonna do a number on your mental health alone.

I will be doing one last Let’s Talk episode that has been on my mind for the last few months, especially since I have been researching stuff on a particular part of the web – and it has occurred to me that my experiences and that of gay men may have a glimpse of what is to come if we aren’t too careful… more will be told on the last episode.

The new series is basically where the last podcast/stage show left off, and it is going to be called (unimaginatively in my own opinion) 2022 And Onwards, so this will be off-script, sometimes unedited – with possibly a couple of parody songs thrown in.

I want to perform again, I also want to talk about mental health frankly and honestly – I have created this platform from the ground up, I have the experience (EUGH!) so let’s just go with the flow – at least this way I don’t need a therapist!

For those that need a catch up before 2022 and onwards comes out, here is From 1991-2021 the omnibus edition!

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