A 90's Teenager

aka Tee Jay

An update before Xmas!

Ok, the story so far…

I now have a Macbook Air and I have started on the readthrough and the assets for the stage show.

I have started to put together the back projection/sound effects and backing tracks together, and thanks to Keynote this has made it a breeze, especially now I can Airplay to my TV – this is going to make rehearsing a LOT easier – speaking of, I now have a director, so that’s in the bag too.

Now I have a Macbook, I can use Final Cut Pro, which means I can now edit my videos properly, I took the worst green screen footage and found that Final Cut Pro is up to the task of making the videos look much better – so I am going to go back, re-record the intros and exit videos with an autocue, AND finish off the final three – so hopefully this will up the game on the video front!

Hopefully, in January, I will have better-looking videos and have more news on where I am with the project, as from January I will be looking for venues and of course funding!


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