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The stage show and other things

Firstly I am going to talk about the elephant in the room – and that is my first podcasting series… although it has all the information  I wanted in it, it lacked a proofreader, this is VERY apparent in the opening disclaimer! I have the skills of editing sound and writing my own scripts – BUT it does need a second pair of eyes before being broadcast to the world. I now do have a proofreader, so the next series block is going to be a lot more polished than the first. Am I going to redo the original?  No, I am not, for the simple reason why, is that it’s raw, and documents the beginning of the creative process behind on what’s to come – change it now – it loses that rawness and the journeys beginning.

Now to the stage show. I envisage this show to be first viewed at Edinburgh Fringe next year, as and my agent and I  agree that this should be the next step – especially as I have a performer’s background. I want to intersperse my story with song, so I now have a pianist producing my backing tracks, and I now also have a vocal couch training my singing voice. As I can sound edit and video edit, once my singing voice is to studio standard – I will be releasing music videos on YouTube to promote the stage show – AND the original podcast that it’s based on. That said, I am also documenting my journey in regards to the actual stage show itself INCLUDING how my singing voice has changed from the beginning, as I feel that this is a story in itself, as in how a show is produced and what goes on behind the scenes – INCLUDING how bad my voice was before I started singing lessons! (I won’t show it publicly until the first video has been released!!)

I will be posting regularly on Twitter and Instagram on where things are within the creative process, so please follow me there…

Why am I doing this – that will be revealed in Episode four of the new podcast series!

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